September 01, 2016

Uncovering the Potential of Honolulu’s Hidden Streams – NextCity.Org

by Timothy A. Schuler

“On a characteristically sunny day in January 2014, Race Randle and a team of architects walked from the Honolulu office of Howard Hughes Corporation to a parking lot near the center of the Ward Village, the real estate development company’s 60-acre master-planned community in Kakaako, close to downtown. Randle, a senior director of development at Howard Hughes, wasn’t sure what they were looking for, only that, according to a 1928 map of the area, a curious easement ran through the property, from Kapiolani Boulevard all the way to the shoreline.”


August 24, 2015

A Healthy Harbor for Baltimore

In the 1960s few would have imagined Baltimore’s inner harbor as an attraction to visit. That changed with the help of an innovative 1964 mMaster pPlan, prepared by Wallace Roberts, and Todd, as well as the vision of  of developer James Rouse. Rouse  what the inner harbor of Baltimore could be, and saw its potential as a vibrant, active place and his groundbreaking  redevelopment project  Harborplace became a model for other seaport cities. Three and a half decades later, these harbor are being renewed and extended in different but equally bold ways. (more…)

June 09, 2014

Blue Urbanism: Connecting Cities and the Nature of Oceans

While we are increasingly the planet of cities, we must not forget that we live and share space on the blue planet. We rarely put these two realms (or words) together, but we must begin to. By some estimates, two-thirds of our global population lies within 400 kilometers of a shoreline. As oceanographer and National Geographic Explorer, Sylvia Earle, wrote in her important book, The World is Blue, “Everyone, everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent upon the existence of the sea.” (Earle, 2010) (more…)